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The Raffle Assistance Thread

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Making a donation:

I'm happy to gift any offspring from my Xenowyrm group..  Most are on cooldown at the moment.  If you see anything you'd like, just shoot me a PM and I'll add you to my breeding list. 

 I'm happy to do set up just about any type of 2G you need.  (My CB Deep Seas and prizes are tied up, but anything else is fair game.)  I have most colors in purebred 3G/4G.  I also have a lot of Xeno Halloween lineages and other Xeno checkers.   


Some of my more unique lineages include:

user posted image 3G Male Thalassa X Desipis checker-> this is a popular request 

user posted image 3G Alt Sweetling x Mageia checker

user posted image 4G Male Gaia x Caligene Checker

user posted image 3G Male Chono x female Silver Tinsel Checker   (I also have a 4G option available)

user posted image 4G Chrono x Hellfire checker 

user posted image 3G male Desipis x female Astrapi checker

user posted image This patterned even-gen Pyro/Mageia combo 


I would like to make a request:

My plan is to work on these three as my 3 for the raffle.  If anyone is able to help I'd be thrilled.


user posted image 2G Astrapi from female Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RqD3C
 2G Chrono from male Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Maube     Obtained! Thank you angelicdragonpuppy! :)

 2G Gaia from female Deep Sea, mate for: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5BKWc    Obtained! Thank you angelicdragonpuppy! :)




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I've got this pair of 2g eggs ready for a Xeno-themed checker. Egg One and Egg Two.

If anyone wants to put it together, and still needs to fulfill the raffle requirement, shoot me a PM, I'll send them over. :)


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