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Hello Dragcave community!!

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Hi everyone!!! My name is Sorrow! I used to play this game waaaay back in 2009. It felt pretty dead back then so i gave up, and i've been yearning for a game like this ever since. There was Flight Rising, but that's not quite the same. Today i decided to check on the website for the first time in years and, what do you know, the website has been updated! There's new dragons and new people! I'm so happy that this has come back, DragCave was the first game i ever played online; my aunt showed me this website and made me an account under the name "casridge", i think its still active. Anyway hello everyone, i'm glad to see this place is alive!!

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Hello and welcome back! Yes, things have gotten a lot more lively over the years, the least of which is all these new dragons. :) If you still play Flight Rising we have a thread for it here. Have fun catching up on everything!

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