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Feesh's Broccoli eNDeavors: March Raffle Coming Soon!

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Oooh, hopefully some with hatch in the near future so we can have our raffle!

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Just a reminder that if you want a chance to win Free ND's, you should be following this thread. I think 80 or so people are currently following this thread. 80. I mean that is an impressive number compared to most threads, but like .... that gives you an idea of when there is a flash raffle who is going to see post updates, and some of them are going to miss it, and sure some other people will see the post.... and other people will be kind enough to share the news.... but following and keeping on top of this thread is the only way to have that chance. You gotta be in it to win it, and it literally requires no effort on your part other than to submit an entry at the right time.


Although if you want to give some thanks to Feesh, Feesh has repeatedly stated the one thing that would make our Aqua Broccoli Gardener (I think that is Kelp, which gets turned into Kale, still Cruciferous) happy and the best way to thank them is to simply share the news of this thread with others so they know they can participate too. So even if you only tell one other person, that counts! And if you think that brings more competition, then only tell people you LIKE, so at least if they win you would be OK with that and be happy with them. Or if you are more altruistic, you could just share the awesomeness with other players in the Community, and when they get involved with things like this, they get involved with other things, and it makes the Community more fun, and when the Community grows and is more engaged and more interactive, it makes whatever things you like to do in the way you play the game more fun and better, even indirectly. And some of those people also become super involved in donating, gifting and even running their own events. So more stuff for you to win! And it helps spread out the love and work load of running these sorts of events by having multiple ones ongoing so that other people can take breaks in between but we always have stuff ongoing. So go share the news! Especially with those who seem frustrated "they will never get an ND." People will sometimes leave this game over being unable to accomplish goals that seem impossible when it becomes really important to them. I mean, they could also be entranced into the art of vegetable experimentation, which would be even better. But knowing things like this exist also helps ease that a bit, and we get the player more involved, and not a player leaving the game. Community is Important, and I hope you give Feesh your thanks in the way Feesh has requested. And frankly, for chances to win Free NDs when you don't have to really do anything, that is a pretty small ask.


Also, follow the thread. Just to make that point again.

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