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ANSWERED:Errors are back!

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Now if you click to view the dragon, an error will occur.


Idk why it happened, and not sure how to reproduce this error. Besides this frozen hatchling and the Magi Dragon above it, all other dragons seem fine.


Can access Actions Tab, lineage link, anything else but the view page. Also, why the tombstone beside the error page as though it's going to die T.T

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Both the lineage and view pages for that dragon worked for me. 

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Let me try in another device. It's kinda odd to have this kind of error.


Yep it works fine on laptop, but not on my phone. Hope clearing cache fixes the problem.


3rd edit: Clearing cache works! Idk what kind of cache would display an error message instead of the dragon. Thanks for checking, purpledragonclaw!


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Always try clearing cache

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