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ANSWERED:Can We Please Have Prizes Available in the Market

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41 minutes ago, Belisar said:

Collecting shards for 12 months and being able to buy a random prize would seem fine with me. Collecting shards for about 18 months and then being able to buy the very version you ever dreamt of - ooooh yes please! xD

It is still a hugeeffort and I'm sure it will not completely kill their tradeing value for those who already won in the raffles or even in the Christmas popularity contests right at the beginning. ;) It would simply make this game a tinsy bit more enjoyable in its frustrating parts.


I don't care if it does kill the trade value. I would consider that a bonus. that "value" has scued the market for too long as it is.  and I say that as a prize winner.

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I just wish there were some way to be sure of getting a CB prize egg after years of actively playing.  I've been an active player for over 10 years now, have never managed to get even a 2G shimmerscale (and only a bronze 2G of the tinsels).


My scroll goal is very specific about the number of dragons, so to take on a "better" (lower gen/cleaner lineage) prize, I have to drop one of the ones I already have - at this point, typically 4G - and since we cannot gift adult dragons, they go to the graveyard.  In trading, I have had to work my way up to what I have over the years. I try to breed my prizes fairly regularly, typically letting any offspring (except from my 2G) be automatically abandoned so that others who will appreciate them more can have them.


I would really much rather be able to save up and buy a prize dragon than be stuck "wasting" older adults to improve my scroll. I appreciate that TJ may be using the raffle to push certain breeding/cave grabs, but he could do that just by publicizing out a monthly request.


Note for those looking at my scroll - I have a zombie build project going on, so that is why I have extras of some breeds showing on my scroll. I will only have 2 named male and 2 named female adults of any given breed; any for which I created descriptions are named.

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On 8/20/2018 at 12:41 AM, TJ09 said:

My thoughts on the matter have already been quoted in this thread: The market was designed as a supplement specifically for the randomness of catching eggs in the cave, and so I don't really plan to add anything not available in the cave to the market.


The market hasn't even been around long enough to see what its real impact is on e.g. rarer eggs that people haven't even gotten a chance to afford yet. Adding something even rarer than that seems a bit hasty.


I left the thread open after this point to see where it would go. It hasn't really gone anywhere since, however, so there's not much point in letting it be any longer.

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