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ANSWERED:Dragons Intermixed

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I just noticed tonight that my Nebula, Pillows, Celestials and Pygmy dragons have all intermixed. It's like an April Fool's joke. Most of the time they've alternated between each type, like Pygmy, Nebula, Pygmy, Nebula. Then Pillow, Nebula, Pillow, Nebula or Celestials. I could understand if I'd accidentally moved dragons when I rearranged them in a complete block, but this isn't a block of the same species, but species interweaving with species, and it's not all my dragons, just specific ones. Is anyone else having this issue?


EDIT to add: For some more info, I was rearranging my dragons tonight, but the ones at the end of my scroll. The affected dragons are towards the beginning-middle.

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That is a glitch that sometimes happens - no idea how or why. But I find 'hopping' dragons all round my scroll from time to time like rea-arranging my Magis and suddenly a few Whites are out of place, that kind of thing *shrugs*


I DO tend to work with two different sort orders, usually just specifying values but from time to time I do fine-tuning by dragging dragons in the grid, so maybe (if you do that too) that has something to do with it?

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I custom arrange by moving large blocks around or by moving the new dragons to where I want them in the scroll, so you could be right. I have a lot of pages too and maybe it happens because I have so many dragons. Good to know it's not just something that happens on my scroll.

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