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Andromen's Hooded Dragons and More

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'Ello. Andromen here.


Almost a year ago I found Assassin's Creed and fell in love with the games. Some time later I got back into DC. And today, I felt like combining those two worlds.


And that's how the Hooded Dragons came to be.


The two below are an Aeon and a Black. I've got a bunch queued, but if there's one (maybe even more than one!) dragon you'd like to see with a hood, feel free to request them! No promises I'll get them done quickly, but I'll try to do them as soon as I can.


Might post more DC stuff later on, so for now enjoy these two.



(P.S. Currently only doing headshots, but I might do full-bodies later on)

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These are really cool, I like the idea of dragons in hoods. ^_^ As if certain dragons weren't mysterious already, having hoods just adds to that nicely. I wonder how a Pillow dragon would fit into a hood?

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