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Hi there! 

I am not actually new here, but a lot has changed on this site. I started dragon cave in 2008 and abandoned my cave after a while. A few days back I clicked a link of an egg in some forum and found myself back here. Luckily my old account was still there so I used it again. 

Sadly, I cannot seem to do the same with my forum account, so I made a new one. I hope that's okay with the mods. 


English isn't my main language, so sorry for any misspelled things.. 


About my person... Well... I like dragons - I draw them, use sites like Flight Rising etc.. I am an artist from Germany and you can find me on most sites under the name Tanija or TanijaTheFaun. My scroll name is Lucien though, since it's incredibly old. :') 


I have a few questions, too - I hope it's okay to post them here? For example, is it possible to change your scroll name? 


Thank you! 

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Hello and welcome back! Since you can't access your old forum account, it's perfectly fine to make a new one. 


If you like Flight Rising, make sure to check out our Flight Rising thread!


You can't change your scrollname, but there is a thread in Suggestions/Requests where people are asking for that feature. If you want to see it happen, please post there to show your support!


Do you have any other questions? I'd be happy to answer them here. :) 

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