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*waves hand wildly*

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Hello dear forum people,


now that my scroll is egglocked and I can't do much until that changes I thought I could take a moment to introduce myself here. 😊


I'm not exactly a completely new player but since the my last time with this game was around 2008 or 2009 (and I simply can't recall the name of my scroll back then - or the e-mail address used, grrr...) at least my scroll is new and I'm kinda second hand.


Thought I should give my scroll a name related to my favourite video game series and I'll try to name my dragons accordingly while still maintaining a bit of order. Anyway, should you want to know anything specific about me - JUST ASK.


PS: I'm not a native speaker, and while I understand English just fine, I might sometimes make mistakes grammar wise or related to my choice of words... 😕

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Thank you ! This game is far too addicting but at least I'll have more time than usual for the next few weaks (vacation, yay!)

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