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Introducing Myself

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Hello, I'm InsanityWars (or just Insanity, if you like). I learned about Dragon Cave a few weeks ago while browsing the web, bored out of my mind while looking for things to do. I wasn't sure about joining yet (mainly because I was on an unsupported browser), but now I've decided that since I have full PC access, it's time I joined the community!

I'm just your average gamer/computer nerd. Sure, I may know quite a bit and am able to apply my skills in a real-time situation, but I still have plenty to learn. My current computer is a Samsung laptop with Linux Mint 19 installed as the only OS, and it fits me pretty well. If you need help with something technology-wise, try shooting me a message. I'm also a part of several gaming communities throughout the internet, including speedrunning (although I don't personally speedrun competitively); the main group of people I hang with on the web being the Arrow Alliance (ran by AceOfArrows; he's a cool streamer).

I currently have 3 dogs (Sadie, Bear, Ruby), 9 cats (Brownie, Sassy, Citrine, Shadow, Lucky and her three (unnamed) kittens, Nightshade), and a ball python (Camo), and they all seem to get along well. Shadow (pictured below) is the most docile, and almost never gets ticked off at anything.

Well, if you have any questions about me, don't hesitate to ask!




This is Shadow.


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Hello Insanity, I can't afford a python or any kind of snake. If I could, mine would be an albino one! I also have a dog ^_^ 

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