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Kitty's Introduction

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Hello. I'm epickitty25, or if you want you can call me Kitty. I've been on Dragon Cave for a couple years now, but now that trading has been made more easy and accessible I got curious about the community and decided to join the forum. So, hello.

if you ever wish to know me on a more personal level/converse about things non DC related, I do have an account on Quotev where I post about anime, my random thoughts, and occasionally politics. If you're interested, just message me about it and I'll give you the link.

Browsing through other introductions to see how these are supposed to be structured, it seems a lot of people post pictures of their pets, so here's mine.5hee3xxcf3.jpgnjbfw2xvza.jpgw6hkoranqv.jpg

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