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hi everyone! my name is matty, im 15 and joined dragcave not long ago! my username here (g4yy) is the same as in the cave, in case anyone wants to see my dragons :> 
i was there for the last july release that i learnt of as i was hunting for eggs, and i did get one of each but was only really interested in the black truffle once their adult sprites were revealed, so i let my other one go <3 
i found out about the most recent release by going to check my trades, and seeing one of the new eggs there! as of writing this i have the new pygmy but not the bigger dragon!

i really like fell dragons and i have like 5 of them i think! i also like vampires but so far only have 2 females (i really want a male ;=;)!
i always forget to breed my dragons but i prefer to get eggs from the abandoned area and hunting anyway :^) 

i hope we can be friends!<3

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


Tomorrow is 31th so good luck on Vampire XD. If you want your dragon gendered correctly, you may need Pink dragon to influence.

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