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Um, I'm not too great with intro's but uh...here goes...


I'm Oracle but one can call me Orrik or Ozzie. I just recently joined this site because I kept seeing all the epic looking dragons and eggs on another site I like...I love dragons. I like to role-play and I'm a total game freak and I love anime and manga. I make abstract art on occasion and enjoy reading from time to time. I don't watch much TV and I don't watch very many movies (aside from anime) either which a lot of people find weird. I'm a headbanger and metal and rock music are my life...Rocklahoma 2018 was epic and I wish it didn't end. I prefer cats over dogs yet I have a Chihuahua and a rat terrier (two little dogs). I love to swim and go for walks in places off the beaten paths and exploring caves and caverns is kinda my thing now...


Not sure what else to put here so I guess that's it, glad I joined 😸

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