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Getting back my Dragon Request?

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In February - March 2016,  posted "Nightwind Wyvern" in Dragon Requests. It had some work to go, but it was a fun project and wanted to see it through.


However, I have been on a 2 year hiatus since then, so I was unaware of an apparent cleaning out of dragon requests. I tried going back to some old emails regarding the topic and found this: 



I was somewhat dismayed after being so invested into the project, so I would at least like to be able to view the dragon.

Thank you for your help in advance. 🙂


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details on the DR updates, including the clearout, are located here: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/183158-section-updates-july-11th-2018-must-read/ 


there are other important changes noted here as well, so before trying to resubmit make sure you read through those updates so you're all up to speed on what's going on now and going forward with DR.



i've gone ahead and grabbed the details out of the thread for you and sent them in a message.

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