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250 Book Challenge 2018-2019

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Posted (edited)

Book Number: 18

Number Of Pages: 472

Book Title: Les chevaliers d'émeraude - Le journal d'Onyx (aprox translation: knights of emerald - Onyx's Diary) 6/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: Kira found a mysterious book in the castle library. The book happened to be a diary left by Onyx relating his story from 500 years ago in their war against the Black Emperor. They also have to battle another creature the enemy sent them. 


Since I already posted 4 times in a riw I guess I'll edit here until someone else post

Edit 1 - april 8th

Book Number: 19

Number Of Pages:485

Book Title: Les chevaliers d'Émeraude - L'enlèvement (aprox translation: Knights of Emerald - Abduction) 7/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: In this volume, Asbeth plots to abduct one of the knights to poison him and release him to infect other humans. 


Edit 2 - april 10th

Book Number: 20

Number Of Pages: 521

Book Title: Les chevalier d'Émeraude - Les dieux déchus (aprox translation: The knights of Emerald - The Fallen Gods) 8/12

Author: Anne Robillard 

Summary: Four years passed, the last students are now ready to be squires but there isnt enough knights for every ones. Jenifael, Wellan's daughther, with the help of her two friends decided to take matter in her hands to make the actual squires growing faster. Once again, they also get attacked, but end up with a new eneny, Akuretari, a fallen god.


Edit 3 - april 17th

Book Number: 21

Number Of Pages: 519

Book Title: Les chevaliers d'émeraude : L'héritage de Danalieth (aprox translation The Knights of Emerald: Danalieth's Legacy) 9/12

Author: Anne Robillard

 Summary: The enemy continues to invade the human continant,this time they take a prisonier. A blue woman that happens to be a dragon trainer for the emperor. Meanwhile Onyx brings Wellan along to find the weapons created by Danalieth, which has the power to destroy gods and immortals. 


Edit 4 - april 19

Book Number: 22

Number Of Pages: 503

Book Title: Les chevaliers d'émeraude - Représailles (aprox translation: Knights of Emerald - Retaliation) 10/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: 4 years passed, the insects are back and the fallen god decided to also strike back. 


Edit 5 - april 24th

Book Number: 23

Number Of Pages: 478

Book Title: Les Chevaliers d'émeraude - La justice céleste (aprox translation: Knights of Emerald - The Divine Justice) 11/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: The emperor is still trying to win the war and decided to sent his best warriors and participing himself. Meanwhile Akuretari decided to attack the gods. 


Edit 6

April 29th

Book Number: 24

Number Of Pages: 604

Book Title: Les chevaliers d'Émeraude - Irianeth (aprox translation: Knights of Emerald - Irianeth) 12/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: in this last book,the knights have their last battles against Amecareth's army 


Now onto the next serie in this universe for anothee 12 books!


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Book Number: 16, 17

Number Of Pages:  425, 439

Book Title: You, Hidden Bodies

Author: Caroline Kepnes

Summary: (Just for the first book, as the new season based on book 2 has been announced and I don't want to post spoilers.)  When Beck walks into the bookstore, it's love at first sight for Joe. And he'll stop at nothing to win her over. Nothing.


Book Number: 18

Number Of Pages:  370

Book Title: The Long Walk

Author: Stephen King/Richard Bachman

Summary: The rules are simple. If you walk too slowly, stop walking, or try to leave, you get a warning. Three warnings and you get your ticket. The only one who wins is the one who survives.


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Posted (edited)

Book Number: 25

Number Of Pages: 460

Book Title: Les Héritiers d'Enkidiev - Renaisance (book 1/12) (aprox translation: Enkidiev's heirs - Renaissance)

Author: Anne Robillard

 Summary: Follow up from "Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude", happening 15 years after the end of the war against Amecareth, but in this first book of the new serie we mostly see what happened to the more important caracthers of the previous serie. 


Edit 1

May 6th

Book Number: 26

Number Of Pages: 469

Book Title: Les héritiers d'Enkidiev - Nouveau Monde (book 2/12) (aprox translation: Enkidievs Heirs : New World)

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: Handrian and some other people go on a quest to find a flower to heal Onyx from a poison that have been inside his body for 15 years. 


Edit 2

May 9th

Book Number: 27

Number Of Pages: 465

Book Title: Les héritiers d'Enkidiev - Les Dieux Ailés (3/13) (aprox translation: Enkidiev's Heirs: The Winged Gods)

Author: Anne Robillard 

 Summary: A few children have been kidnapped by the bird gods and our heroes are on a quest to bring them back home. 

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Book Number: 19

Number Of Pages:  213

Book Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Summary: Possibly the first ever sci-fi book. Victor Frankenstein, a promising anatomy student, discovers the secret of reanimation, only to be haunted by his unfortunate creation.

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Book Number: 28

Number Of Pages: 448

Book Title: Les Héritiers d'Enkidiev - Le sanctuaire (aprox translation: Enkidiev's Heirs - The Santuary) book 4/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: The gods are at war between themselves and the founding gods get into it. Meanwhile Onyx is trying to find his daughter who was kidnapped by one of the bird god. 


Book Number: 29

Number Of Pages: 451

Book Title: Les héritiers d'Enkidiev - Abussos (aprox translation: Enkidiev's Heirs - Abussos)  book 5/13

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: Onyx feels rejected by his family and try to find out who he really is after he was told he was the son of the founding Gods. 


Book Number: 30

Number Of Pages: 458

Book Title: Les héritiers d'Enkidiev - Nemeroff (aprox translation: The Enkidiev's Heirs - Nemeroff) book 6/12

Author: Anne Robillard

Summary: Janifael was kidnapped and people try to bring her back. Meanwhile Onyx plans to become the emperor of the new world and Enkidiev. Trying to bring back his dead son to life, Onyx succed not knowing that his son was the incarnation of an evil god. 


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