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The Skeleton King

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Long ago, there was a kingdom ruled by a cruel king. He issued cruel and unusual punishments for minor crimes, made overpriced taxes, and more unforgivable deeds. The king used to have a wife, but he killed her. Every time the king kills his wife, the townsfolk have a raffle to see who would be next. By the 22nd raffle, the townsfolk grew sick of this tradition. They sent the raffle "winner" named Isabelle with a knife with which she stabbed the king at the wedding. She then married a different man whose name was Tim. Tim and Isabelle then buried the wicked king in a dungeon far away from town. Many years later, the king's bones were bare, with no organs or skin. However, his spirit remained in his skeleton. His spirit was filled with hatred. So much hatred, he awoke from the dead as a skeleton with one primary goal: get revenge on humanity. He crafted an army of skeletons to do his bidding. Now, dragons and their owners must defeat the resurrected king and save the world! All your actions have consequences. You have been warned.
Character form:
Scroll name:
Character name:
Are you using a dragon? yes/no
if yes: dragon's name and species:
Character appearance:
Character traits:
Character strengths:
Character weaknesses:
No swearing above hell.
Only reasonable weapons/powers. (no instant-kill swords or anything else of the sort.)
PM your character sheets for approval. Do not post until approved!
1 character per person.
Please use correct grammar.
English only.
If you will be inactive, please tell me via pm.
Only post when it's your turn. The current turn will be in my signature.
Only post on-topic here.
Talk in third-person.
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Scroll name: Darkmega5

Character name: Commander Blaze

Weapon/Power: Fireball minigun
Character appearance: brown eyes, red spiky hair, wears a red metal helmet and a vest with a flame symbol on it.
Character traits: Will do anything to win, determined
Character strengths: strong will, immunity to fire
Character weaknesses: acts without thinking, fear of water

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