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Letter in a Word

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Hey, who doesn't like word games? I came up with this when discussing with people on which words that has the letter 'y' in the middle of a word (I came up with lynx, xylene, etc). Ideas for a better title name for this thread would be appreciated. :) 


All you have to do is think up of a word that contains a specific letter in the middle of the word (example M: lame, demon). It cannot be (also) in the beginning or the end of the word (mummy, minimum). Try to avoid using prefix/suffix letters in a word, such as re-, un-, -ed, -ing, -ly, etc. Feel free to list as many words that comes to your mind if you want to!


Example: (highlight/bold is optional: added for clarity)
Start: T
Person 1: Bite. next: W

Person 2: password. next: R

Person 3: fore, normal. next: U


To start this thing off: U

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