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Heyo! Names Brakens and... That's really about it, Though I do have a question


Can you point me in the direction of the pic changer?


And also I think I might have taken a few abandoned eggs without realizing they might not make it


Me in my head: Okay guys and maybe girls also, At least 1 of you will make it and that's about it. The rest of you will probably die.



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Hello and welcome to DC!


The pic... changer? You mean to change your avatar on the forum? You can go to your profile and edit it by clicking on the photo, now that you're approved to post.


Your abandoned eggs will probably be fine! Just put them in some fansites so they can hatch. Eggs can't hatch until they go below 4 days, so keep that in mind.


If you have any questions about how to play the game, you can always sign up for a mentor with the mentoring project :)

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