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Anyone excited for Devil May Cry 5?

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When Microsoft announced it at their press conference, I was in shock. I was expecting it at Sony's so it really caught me off guard. I'm replaying the fourth one right now as a refresher, as I wait anxiously for the fifth. The demon hunting family is back baby! I've always been a fan of these games, and love all the characters. It was really weird that people thought Nero was a new design for Dante in the trailer, especially when Dante shows up at the end, but I guess I can't blame anyone after the reboot. Even so I've seen people complain about Nero's design. I guess they don't like his new haircut aha. Frankly, I love it, obviously. And there's gonna be a third playable character, who I'm guessing is the person on the poster with black hair. Interesting, interesting indeed....


Anyone else excited? Are you gonna preorder it as soon as you can like me, or wait for it to go on sale? 

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