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Incubated eggs show incubated time in trades

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Eggs in teleports no longer show their true unincubated time, but now show their incubated time even though incubates wear off on teleport.



Incubated egg=4 days on view page, but 5 days in trade. Will be 5 days after trade.


Incubated egg=4 days on view page and trade page, but will be 5 days after trade.


This is both inaccurate and misleading and should probably be fixed.

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To YOU they do. To your would-be trader I think not.


Wait - just went to test, and that isn't the case for me - outside of teleport 4 days 1 hour; in a teleport 5 days and 1 hour.


On its page:




Going for a teleport




IN teleport



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Hm. Well that's odd because it certainly doesn't look like that to me. I've seen it as both trader and trade-ee where the incubated time is still "incubated" in teleport. Someone else has also checked and their egg in tele had the same problem.



And earlier I accepted a trade where an egg looked like it was already ER, but it turned out to be only incuhatchable.

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Is this peculiar to the trading hub, maybe ? Mine, as a one way, wasn't in there...


Just tested - in fact it seems to affect only  two way trades. Both in the hub and private. So yes - bug ! How odd that it doesn't affect one ways.

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Two-ways have been worked on, one-ways apparently haven't.

(Which is why cancelling a one-way still returns your Magi, while cancelling a two-way is bugged as well.)

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