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Ok, so...

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I've been off and on the site for a while, problem is that I'm finding all these really cool dragons I want to get....unfortunately I can't find a way to get them as they're hard to get or they're seasonal.


I'm not sure how to get them and I feel sorta stupid for posting this anyway but I needed to ask about a dragon you have to breed from a Nebula and a Ridgeback, the Zyumorphs and this recent two headed dragon that doesn't have wings and looks more like a dinosaur then dragon. Even if I have to trade dragons to get these, I'm willing to do so because I have to admit that many of these new ones are impressive.


I know there's a plethora of dragons attained by breeding but I'm wondering if some of these are only during a certain time.


Can anyone help?


Edit: Ok, so I've found all the dragons I'm looking for

July dragons

August dragons

September dragons

Halloween dragons

March dragons

April dragons


These are what I'm looking for, I have a lot of dragons but I haven't been lucky to get anything super rare yet so whatever is in my cave is all I got to trade for them if you have one (haven't figured out how to insert images either, sorry about that)


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Hello. No need to feel ashamed or bad for asking questions, specially if you don't know where to start, we're here to help. So for starters, in this forum section you can find a lot of threads focused on either trading specific breeds or trading them. You can try to check them out if you are looking for a Rare dragon, like the Zyumorphs. Now if you are behind the Carinas (Nebula x Ridgewing), no need to worry, as far as I know ALL the hybrid dragons are breedable all year long. If the problem is you don't have the dragons needed to breed them, then go check the "Breeding, Gifting" or "The Giving Tree" threads, most people just give away dragons that are not too hard to get, so if you ask there they will probably just breed one for you. Same with Baikalas, the two headed mosasaur looking dragon you mentioned.


Now you could get all of these yourself with some patience and time, lots of time, but if you don't have the time to do it, then feel free to check those threads. I'll update this post with the links for them later, just read their rules and you'll be getting those dragons you want in no time!


Here are some wiki pages of the dragons and their rarity in case you wanted to know more about them:


1- Dragon Rarity Guide

2- Egg Descriptions

3- Dragon Subtypes


I use them for reference so they'll probably work for you too.


ETA: Trading Thread Links


Here are the trading threads I mentioned, the first two are mostly for gifting, the last one is a trading center, so you have to have some rares to be able to get rares on that thread. Their rules might look overwhelming at first glance since they have grown into big threads up to this point, but basically all you need to know (sans specifics for each thread) is have room in your scroll for eggs, having Magis for teleportation, not having hidden dragons and provide links for both your scroll and PM link.


1- The Giving Tree

2- Breeding Gifting

3- Rare Trading Bazaar


You can always just check the Trade Ravine (love that name lol its actually a menu listed as "Trading" on your scroll) and search for what you want, sometimes you might find some amazing offers there.


Hope this info is useful to you, anymore questions feel free to ask :).

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You are not stupid at all, this stuff is a little confusing/overwhelming honestly and it's a common thing to need to ask questions about it.


The Nebula x Ridgewing dragon is called a Carina dragon. It is a hybrid.


The Zyumorph dragons are found in all biomes and each biome has a specific one. On the wiki you can click through Alpine to Volcano to see what each individual one looks like. They are a little bit rare.


The two-headed dragon is a Baikala dragon. They are found in three different biomes: Jungle, Forest, and Coast. The coastal one is blueish while the other two are green.


I'm pretty sure you can breed a Carina dragon at any time, however it is entirely random whether or not it is successful. It's a hybrid, so you'll have to be lucky if you are able to obtain a Carina from a Ridgewing and a Nebula. As for the Zyumorphs, you have to collect each individual type of Zyumorph in order to summon a Sinomorph dragon. The Baikala dragon, being a two-head, can ONLY breed with other two-headed dragons.


There are seasonal dragons and dragons that can only be hatched/obtained at certain times; you need to maybe have a look through the wiki because it can be incredibly helpful in these cases. 


If you want, you can use the new trading hub to obtain these dragons or try and catch/breed them yourself! Good luck! 😉

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