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Creating a community ''refer a friend'' program

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Hi guys,


The past few days I've been thinking about organizing a community based and fueled ''refer a friend'' program. The program would reward both the referrer and the new user for completing certain milestones in the process. 



The referrer would receive a reward for each new user he refers to this site successfully (meaning the new user reaches 50 dragons - bronze trophy). The rewards would increase in value for each new friend he recruits, up to 5. For example: for 1 friend recruited, the referrer would receive 1x CB uncommon + 1x common hatchling, 2nd friend, double, 3rd a CB copper, 4th a CB silver and 5th a CB gold.

This is still up for debate and improvement


I would also need people who would help out with moderation and catching. If anyone is willing to participate.


What would you guys think about this kind of an idea. I think it would help dragcave a lot. 


Leave suggestions and critique in the comments below.

Thank you

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DC has always been a very independent, player-based style of game. I believe that's why we don't have an on-site messaging system, actually. This suggestion would also put people with more "friends" who have access to reliable internet at an advantage. A CB Gold for recruiting 5 new players seems like a lot, considering the Trading Hub price (several months of saving) and the odds of catching your own (not good). And isn't that kind of punishing people who don't have as many friends, or maybe have a solitary nature that prevents them from asking? Depending on others has always been something DC is against,  which I personally agree with. Multiscrolling could also play a role here.


This could help the site if traffic increases greatly, but otherwise I don't know if it will do much.

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Is there a reason you think Dragoncave needs help getting new members? It seems pretty darn active to me! There is no shortage of eggs being bred to the AP, no shortage of people responding to threads here, and new users seem to be showing up fairly steadily (as evidenced in the 'introduce yourself' section). I don't understand what this would accomplish, really, besides people who have more friends suddenly getting a huge advantage, as The Dragoness mentioned. 

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I'm inclined to agree. As has been said it would confer a huge advantage to people who have a large circle of friends, and DC 's big plus for me is that it can b so very solitary. Also most of the people know IRL who play are solitary typos, and value it for is solitariness. This looks to me like an idea aimed squarely at school/college kids.


We are a community, but this might also just lead to cliques within that community. And as HM says - the prizes seem way over-valuable. (I'd say - if I were inventing this, a CB gold for your friend reaching a platinum trophy would be JUST acceptable in "reward" terms).


I can' see the point of this, and I also also don't think it's a good idea. Where would the prizes come from anyway ? And wouldn't this skew rations - if this kicked off, all the college kids will start referring  everyone they know to get that CB gold,. Hell, if I wanted to do this, even I, a hermit-like 73 y/o, could recruit a shedload of people from other forums I'm on and get myself loads of golds -  even if they only showed up to register.


No thanks, sorry.

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Since this doesn't seem to have any interest, I'm going to close it - but OP you're welcome to flesh out the idea more and try again, just PM me.

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