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Returning fan - with a question!

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I was so thrilled to find out that the Dragon Cave is not only alive and well, but better than ever! After my signature dragons stopped displaying sometime in 2008 I thought the site was gone. (A lot was happening in my life at that time, so I didn't search for the site after that.)


Fast forward 10 years, and through a lucky chain of events I discovered the new site (at the .net domain -- it was at ath.cx last I knew) just a couple weeks ago. I was so happy to see my dear dragons again! And I'm still marveling at all the wonderful new content (gorgeous new dragons) and functionality. Many thanks to TJ, the spriters and everyone else who makes this magic happen!


Quick question: Where and how do we file bug reports? I didn't see a thread or a section for it, and just tonight a bug popped up:


Sometime in the past couple of hours, adult Gold females stopped displaying on both the Scroll and on each individual dragon's page. (You can still right-click and "view image" separately, but the image of the adult Gold dragon will not load with the rest of the page.) Since this just started sometime between about 9 PM and 10 PM US Pacific time, I'm hoping it will be easy to trace the source of the problem and fix it.

Anyway, a hearty hello to all, and best wishes for a continually thriving Dragon Cave community!


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Hello and welcome back! I remember the ath.cx days, wow, that was a long time ago. 


You can make a thread in the Help section for bugs you find. I don't see this issue, though, when I look on Chrome. I checked male and female Golds, do you still see this happening? 

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Thanks, purpledragonclaw!


(It looks like the problem fixed itself a few hours later. For a while it was just showing a text link with the Gold female's code number where the image should have loaded. Glad it's resolved already!)

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Welcome back! Have fun!


I remember there were lot changed since last five years. Wow, 10 years... XD 

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