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The Eternally Guilty Sun 3.0 [OOC]

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The Sun, she is “Eternally Guilty”

Aeons before in a blood-stained past lies her darkest secret


The Moon, he is so Cruel

As the aeons tore him when he once dared to hope


The aeons destroyed them and called them

The World’s dark past comes to an endless light


Neverending is the night

So now the day dies...



Long ago, in a time forgotten to mortals, there lived three siblings.


The eldest was an Umbreon, and claimed dominion over the night.


The middle was an Espeon, and the day was when she called home.


The youngest was an Eevee, and he was the Stars’ favored child, given the blessings of nature to craft his form around at will.



The people of the world feared the eldest brother, for his frigid nights were dark and fetid with monsters. The feared the sister, for her dawns brought the scorn of light and the scouring of earth below. But in the shade of contempt, the people showered love and affection upon the youngest brother, who could bring them warmth and coolness, rain and growth.


In light of this, a consuming jealousy began to writhe and stew inside the two elder siblings’ hearts. While the Umbreon was wise enough to conceal his feelings, the Espeon acted despite hers. The Espeon called upon the power of her sun, crafting a spear of celestial power and impaling the Eevee with it. As her brother lay dying, his blood flowed and stained her fur...for eternity. The Umbreon came upon this sight, and was blinded with rage, and thusly struck down his equal and stained himself with her blood.


Even in death, the Espeon would not forget these transgressions. The Umbreon had laid a curse upon her head, that she would be “Eternally Guilty”. But the Moon would not escape unscathed...



Fast forward three thousand years. The 4th Annual Smash Bros. Tournament has just ended, and the arrival of an ethereal Sylveon harkens the bestowment of “The Tale of the Three Siblings”, and a warning for all those present to hear it. Many there don’t believe it, dispelling the notion of prophecy. But soon, a mysterious Umbreon appears, and uses his power of the Moon to destroy the Smash Mansion in one fell swoop. The bridge between the heroes’ homes is likewise shattered, and denizens of their worlds and outside are being dragged into the fray by the Cruel Moon.


To make matters worse, the Sun has risen from the dead, guilty and changed.

 But so has Ascension, the beloved of the Stars. And he has a mission.






Plot and Details



3000 years have passed, and Eos and Nix, the Espeon and Umbreon, have returned.


The Moon wants you dead, and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to get you there. Heroes and villains alike must ally, working together to solve the mystery of the prophecy before time runs out. The catch? It’s the Winter Solstice, and you only have until the Vernal Equinox.


The Guilty Sun seeks to right the wrongs of the past, but it won’t be easy. Not when those who once regarded her as a god now see a monster before them. And not when you’re fated to kill her.


You, led by Ascension, the youngest sibling, have to destroy the Sun and the Moon before the world can be at peace...and before you can return home.







The Smash World is all the Nintendo game universes combined. One area might be Mario-type land, another with stages from the Mother series, and another area like that of Fire Emblem. The major in-game landmarks do exist (dependent on series), and each area is separated by ocean. Each game world is on islands. The area around Smashville has rolling hills, surrounding a plain. Smashville was in the shadow of the tallest hill.



Rules (Updated)


- No power plays

- DC Forums and Freeform RPs rules apply

- Keep things PG-13.

-Please keep the romance subtle. Keep in mind that most characters are cross-dimensional, as well.

- Use good grammar, please. Nothing is worse than combing through an unreadable mess.

- NO chatspeak. Or 1337speak.

- No Sues or Stus. I will be keeping tabs on everyone, and if you're grabbing weapons/utensils out of thin air, or can just craft things with nothing but sweat and tears, I'm going to take issue with that. I understand some characters are more adept at things than others, but you shouldn't be able to conveniently solve a problem whenever they arise.

- Post forms in OOC thread.

- Do not start till I say you can.

- 3 posts per user per day at maximum, UNLESS yours and another character are just talking together. People have lives outside DC. (Including your GM. xP)

- Please post at least 5 sentences per post.



Who Can You Play?


Anyone. We're essentially a multiverse crossover now! The only stipulation is no repeats.




Current Characters



Alex, Soren, Ike



Stormcatcher, Thuban, Polaris



Celica, Grima, Fenris



Komasan, Komajiro



Forms: Please Post as Doc Files


Canon Representative





















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@AcorniaYes, but due to severe changes in roster, there will be story elements adjusted to change the flow of pre-planned events (with many being now nullified). The above lists of characters are the core contenders atm--what you see is what you get. I'll be linking a Discord as soon as I finish the IC and OOC composition.

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A Quick Rundown of Events: For You!


In the beginning, Smashers from all walks of the multiverse gathered in the pocket universe of the Smashlands. During the tournament, a spectral Sylveon shares the tale of the siblings in the legend, which is quickly dissipated by the appearance of the villainous Nix, who cleaves the illusion in twixt with his lunar scythes. He then proceeds to destroy the Smash Mansion (the Smansion, if you will) and gather the inactive royalty members of the cast and proceeds to decapitate them for as-of-yet unbeknownst reasons.


This action is the catalyst that begins the fracturing of the multiverse, an event that tears invisible rifts into the worlds beyond and allows for the innocent to be dragged through and into the core hub of the fracturing: the Smashlands. Heroes and villains from all times and places find themselves unceremoniously deposited in and around the Smansion, and amid their confusion are once again berated by the mad god before he disappears through a rift of his making. This is shortly followed by the arrival of a tiny Eevee who has been marked with the scars of trauma introducing himself as Ascension, and the fully-grouped remaining warriors trade introductions and plan on how to approach the carnage they've fallen into.


As night falls and the corpses of the fallen are burned, there's a rustling in the forests below. Before they're totally aware of it, the few are attacked by a pack of spectral panthers who seek their blood. Soren, a mage hailing from Fire Emblem, attempts to warn the group and organize them, but is quickly removed from battle when a confrontation with a panther sends him tumbling off the side of the Smansion, and in his moment of brevity where he believes he's finishes it, is ravaged and dragged by the creature far into the forest where his life is considered forfeit.


Back at the Smansion, the team's ability to utilize their strengths quashes the panthers' onslaught, but not without some casualty. Ascension was stricken by one of the creatures' enervating claws, and soon feels its effects well into the night and following day.


The next morning, the group begins to mobilize. Ascension suggests the group split itself into an even set of representation and move toward sources of errant power in the land. These teams are composed of Ascension's Group (A Team) approaching Peach's Castle, a stage that houses great potential, and a group lead by the late Tyrande Whisperwind (T Team) heading toward a morose tower that seems to rise from nowhere.


Meanwhile, Soren, who had spent his waning power whilst ailed by the panther poison and was nearly devastated by it defeating his foe, is found by a recently-displaced Ike--Soren's best friend and ex-commander. The two discuss what they're learned and come to the conclusion that this place is somewhere Ike has been in the past. He sets out to regroup with the others Soren tells him of. While he's gone, Soren discovers that his access to magic has been completely nullified, much to his own horror. It's not long after in this burdened state that he's approached by a strange woman who reminds Soren of a painful past: Cyil, a Corrin who was attending the tournament and had spent the night passed out in the Smansion's rubble. The two form an extremely tenuous working relationship as they make their way toward the tower, Soren hoping in his heart that Ike will be soon to rendezvous with them.


A Team eventually makes their way to Peach's Castle, and are immediately tasked with finding the Power Stars within to enter a Bowser Door that hides the strange source of power. When this is accomplished and they pass the door's security, they come to a shocking discovery: the painting at the end of the hall that once depicted the Koopa King is now emblazoned with the glaring stare of a feline silhouette. A Team jumps into the painting and quickly discovers her--Eos, the titular Guilty Sun, clasping a pearlescent white orb that shimmers with a fiery aura. At her feet is a discarded corpse--one of the late Bowser, head detached from his body and defiled by time. Ascension confronts the goddess and tries to level with her, but her seeming break in her senses turns out to be a ruse. She wounds him and his teammates before being consumed by the corruption that grips her fractured, guilty soul, and she ascends to a primal, consuming version of herself known as the Untamed Sun, and after setting the foggy room she'd wandered for centuries aflame with her radiant light, she drops the Orb and flees through a rift, taunting them with their doom.


The Orb takes ahold of the Bowser corpse and reanimates him, transforming him into the fallen Bowser-kami, run with feathers and tendrils that hearken to the form of a certain Unovan paragon of truth. The battle is hard-won, but after the head of the B-kami is cleft again and the Orb retained, A Team is unceremoniously cast out of the Castle before it implodes on itself, trapping some of their members inside to die. Ascension is heartbroken, but thankful for the lives they escaped with, and forges onward to meet the T Team members once they return from their search.

Ike eventually takes up leadership by proxy of T Team and guides them to the Tower that looms in the distance. They're quick to arrive, for a hellacious storm drives them toward shelter. In the Tower, Cyil and Soren are having the fight of their lives, confronting droves of corpses and hellhounds from which they cannot escape. Using Cyil as a conduit, Soren manages to assist her sword strikes with bolts of Thunder, but the two find it futile if they strain themselves for long. Cyil reveals her dragon form to Soren and suggests they make use of her flight and powers to outlast the horde, and Soren agrees--though, not without reservation. When T Team enters the Tower of Valni, they find the strange dragon and its familiar mount and are told to fight through them, with Soren and Cyil heading upstairs to recoup and let the larger unit cull the horde. A mysterious flash of tainted Light magic seems to do that job for them, however, and they make their way up the steps to the next floor without much trouble.


A strange girl from a far-away reality named Aine appears in the Tower, and within moments of arriving meets Alex, a spellsword in the middle of a breakdown for reasons she's unaware. The kindness the girl offers the other breaks through her crisis and they quickly form a tight friendship.


Later, Soren chides Cyil for her decision making skills earlier and casts suspicion on her for her self-admitted corrupting properties, but Ike ultimately sees the worth of her skill and the quality of her character as reasons to let her stay. Soren is unamused and stomps off (only to pass out from his earlier strain), but the two do make amends. The group rests for the night and attempts to mobilize the morning following before a fight breaks out between Stormcatcher, the loud-mouthed Lighting Flight representative from Sornieth, and Soren, which is dispersed by Cyil and Ike who was fetched as a referee. Their further coaxed toward their goal by a pealing scream atop the tower, and they rush there to find a gruesome sight.


Blood lines the walls of the top floor of Valni. They come across an old friend--Kumatora, a tomboy princess with a penchant for fire from Mother 3--fallen and on the cusp of death. There's little they can do, and it becomes the least of their worries as another companion, Boris--a white Charizard that was closely knit to a Marth--agonized by that very same Marth lying dead at his feet. He, too, grasps at a strange Orb, this one that whispers of ideals and crackles with green energy, and Alex goes to plead with him to not attack the fallen Kumatora any further. The Orb seems to ail him, and she tries to take it, but it only stokes his ire before he pushes past Alex and makes for the girl.


A voice erupts in the minds of all that demands that they stop. It's none other than the voice of Kumatora, giving her last will and testament in her characteristically cutting tone. She explains how the Orb seemed to possess Marth and goad him into attacking her when she tried to meet up with him, and after mortally wounding the prince, was intercepted by Boris who drove her to the edge of mortality. She tells everyone that something is afoot, and Boris is convinced eventually of her innocence in self-defense. Suddenly, upon the revelation, the group is warped outside the Tower, with Kuma's dying wish that they be kind to Lucas should they ever meet.


Upon the warp, hardly a breath can be taken before Stormcatcher catches a whiff of something profane and infused with light--another dragon, it has to be, and too similar to a spindly Light Flight representative for his comfort. He takes off at full speed toward the aberration, causing the entirety of T-Team to chase him down to reign the unruly lizard in. And this is where TEGS 3.0 begins, with a meeting of might between T Team's Stormcatcher and A-Team's Lightweaver.

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