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New and having problems

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Hi! I just started playing. I picked up some abandoned eggs and yesterday tried to add them to the “Allure of Neglected Dragons” site. But it hasn’t worked at all. I went to the forum thread on here, saw others were having the same problem, wanted to post my problem as well, signed up for this forum... and became unable to access the forum thread. Without an account, this forum was pretty much open access to me. Now, pretty much only the intro section is open. Is there a reason for that?

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Hello and welcome! I was able to add my eggs to AoND yesterday, but I do see others were having issues a week ago. Since it sounds like the issue is only partially resolved, please post it here.


You couldn't access the forums because your account was in an unapproved state. It's how we keep spammers from accessing the forums with a new account. Now that I've approved your account, you should have full access!

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