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Hello and good day!

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Hello. I first became a dragon cave member back in 2010. I only recently came back to the site and thought it would be nice to be a member of the forums this time around!


I look forward to being able to talk to other dragcave users. 💞

...Mostly so that I may ask questions. Like, can you use sunmon for a Gaurdian of nature a forth time if you either traded or killed a previous egg? Does three summons per account mean three eggs or three successful attempts?

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Hello and welcome! You can only summon three Guardians of Nature, then your Trio dragons will no longer have the Summon BSA. Three summons per account means three successful attempts, which is the same as three GoN eggs. :) You can't trade GoN eggs. If you killed one via Bite, the Vampire BSA, you can summon again, but you can't if you killed one and made a Zombie dragon from it.

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Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


As I remember, if you killed egg, you have to wait until died egg removed. I'm not sure about adult though.

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