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Old Project Owner for Enchanted Tree Dragons

Continuation of Enchanted Tree Dragons?  

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I'm the old project owner of Enchanted Tree Dragons. I've been absent for quite a couple of years. College, duties and stuff came up and took a lot of my time in the past few years. Well, I've graduated recently. Became a doctor of medicine and finally managed to take a breather from what has been a turbulent life for me in the past few years.


 I've remembered this game and would love to give it a go once more. I came back about a week ago. A lot has changed. And I also remembered my old project The Enchanted Tree Dragons. I've found it closed and no one has continued with the project. Well considering I'm back, I'd love to see if anyone is interested in me continuing the project. That means that I'd have to resprite everything and do it all over. But if people are sincerely interested in that I'd love to give it ago.


So here's a poll. 

Also link to the old project for anyone who is interested to read it out before casting a vote

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I would contact a forum mod and ask them to reopen it for you. 

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I'm not sure if anything closed is being reopened till DR opens up again in general...

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Why shouldn't it? Some threads are only closed because of the 2 threads/person limit. In any case, it's worth a try. And I'd love to see the enchanted tree dragons become real, they were quite unique concept-wise and looked pretty cool, too. (Goodness, just add an oblique minecraft reference by using oak, dark oak, birch, spruce, jungle and acacia for trees...)


And a big WELCOME BACK, too!

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