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SH's secretly hidden bingo

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SH's secretly hidden bingo


 Signups are Closed

This game is just like any old other bingo except we use dragons. And don't have a board; instead, we just count whether or not you have the dragon(s). We're just that awesome.


Signing up to Play

To sign up, all you have to do is post and let me know that you're in/you're playing/whatever wording you want. State your trophy level, for ease of grouping (No Trophy, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, "Diamond"). For the purposes of our little game, there are two levels for platinum; anything over 2000 dragons is considered diamond level. Finally, you must post your scroll name (no link required). For an explanation of trophies, how many dragons you have to have for each, and what trophy you have, see this help page: https://dragcave.net/help/egglimits.




1. Only players who are signed up may post bingos. Sign-ups will remain open for 48+ hours, depending on the number of players, and will close before the second round begins. You may sign up until sign-ups are closed.

2. There is a 25-dragon minimum to play.

3. As long as a bingo is listed as active, it may be claimed; aside from some flash bingos, each will be available for at least 4 hours. Once it is listed as expired, however, it is no longer viable.

4. Dead eggs/hatchlings/dragons do not count as part of the game, unless stated otherwise.

5. Only adult dragons and frozen hatchlings count for bingos, unless stated otherwise.

6. If you move up a trophy level during the game, you don't change your in-game trophy group (if you hit 200 dragons in the middle of the game, you'd still be classified a Bronze).

7. If you do not have a dragon that fits the description, merely wait until I announce the next dragon.

8. Editing is allowed to an extent; posts that were edited over 10 minutes after the original time of posting will not be viable for claiming bingos. If in doubt, repost. If I have posted after the post you wish to edit, please just post again, so I can see what you were going to add.

9. May seem silly to list, but hosts may not play the game while they are hosting.



  • At varying times in the day, bingos will be announced in the form of a certain condition (e.g. "CB metallic" or "even-gen tinsel"). If one of your dragons fits the bingo's condition, you can claim the bingo. You can only claim each bingo once. Every bingo you claim earns you the number of points assigned to it. If you get up to a certain number of points (or higher), you win the game. When the first person reaches the required number of points (or higher), everyone will get an extra 48 hours to get their bingos in before the game ends. The winner will be determined by overall points proportional to the player's trophy level. In the case of a tie, the host can either consider the first person who posted a winner or have a tiebreaker round.
  • Bingos will come up at varying times and will remain active for a few hours to a few days at a time; multiple people can claim the same bingo (unless stated otherwise) as long as they all meet the necessary condition(s). There may be multiple bingos up for grabs at one time, so do your best not to miss such opportunities!
  • If the host has gone inactive/unresponsive in this thread for any reason for at least one month, with no new Bingo round posted, players are free to discuss beginning a new game, with a host to be determined by current players. The original Bingo game may continue if the host returns, but the winner(s) will not be selected to host a new game, although they may still request an egg from the host, if they wish.


Different Types of Bingos


Regular Bingos

These will just be labeled as bingos and will be posted by the host in the thread. Anyone playing can claim them. They are up for grabs until the host has posted saying they are expired.


Challenge Bingos

These bingos will be labeled as "challenge bingos" and will be posted alongside regular bingos. The conditions required to meet such challenge bingos are more difficult or have more specific requirements than regular bingos (for example, an eighth-gen even-gen, a fourth-gen stairstep, a dragon with more than one spriter's alt in it, a dragon bred on Nov 1st of any year, etc.). Only one person can claim a challenge bingo. The first person to post a dragon that fits the requirements gets the point for that challenge bingo.


Secret Bingos

Secret bingos are bingos that are hidden somewhere and will usually (but not necessarily) be labeled with "secret" and "bingo" or "secret" and the breed name. These bingos can be found in my posts within this thread, my profile, and my scroll. Secret bingos can be put in play at any time and may or may not be announced. They can also only be claimed by one person. The first person to post who has a dragon that fits the requirements will get the secret bingo. These bingos are usually pretty easy, usually easier than or as easy as a regular bingo.


Flash Bingos

Flash bingos have at time limit. For example, I might post a bingo at 4:00pm and say that it ends at 8:00pm; only people who post a dragon that fits the requirements before eight will get credit. Flash bingos are posted at various times of the day to give different people the opportunity to claim them.


Cascade Bingos

Cascade bingos generally have three or more choices of the same type of dragon. Each successive choice is harder and earns more points. For example, claiming option A earns you one point, while C earns three points. You can claim only one of them.


Tricky Bingos

Tricky bingos have a set of instructions that you need to follow to work out which dragon is the bingo. These bingos are generally worth 2 points.


Co-op Bingos

These require two or more people to team up and claim the bingo together. They are usually worth 2 or 3 points depending on if 2 or 3 people team up. The points go to everyone on the team.


Competitive Bingos

These bingos give a generalized set of conditions, and the person who has had the measurably best match (for example, highest or lowest gen) for the bingo at the end of its activity gets the points. If there is a tie, all tying winners get the points.


Riddle Bingos

In these bingos, a set of clues that hint at a particular dragon is posted together. Each person who posts the correct dragon gets a point.


Ponderous Puzzle Bingos

These are similar to riddle bingos, but the clues are posted one at a time rather than all at once. There will be at least 4 clues. If you get it from the first clue, it's worth 4 points, if you get it on the second clue, it's worth 3, if you get it on the 3rd clue it's worth 2 points, and on the last clue it's worth 1. You may guess once per clue but, to prevent copying, you won't find out if you've been right or wrong until the end. Your highest-scoring correct guess will earn you the points, so it behooves you to guess differently each round.


Rules to Claiming a Bingo

1. You must announce "Bingo" for each bingo you are claiming. If you do not say "Bingo" for a bingo, it will not count. If you forget to announce a bingo properly, I will remind you and you can fix it so it will count.

2. You may use view, lineage or progeny links for adult dragons. However, if applicable, growing things must have lineage links.

3. Dragons must come from your own scroll only. You can't use dragons from others' scrolls.

4. Your scroll name must be displayed on your dragons' page for this game, so that I can verify you are using a dragon from your own scroll. It would also help to have your scroll link in your signature (especially if your scroll name and forum name are different). Your scroll does not have to be visible, just your scroll name.

5. Dragons that were bred or grabbed the day the bingo was announced or later cannot be used for the bingo. This is to ensure you didn't just breed/grab a dragon to fulfill the bingo.


Winning the Game

Congrats! If you win, you will receive a PM from the OP of the thread. The prize for winning is that great feeling of winning, the opportunity to host the next game, and a bred egg from two of the host's dragons (and you have to take whatever is bred). If they refuse, you can choose a different pair. Note, however, that some dragons may be bonded to specific mates and others may have waiting lists. Some hosts may allow you to choose from rares, some may not.

You may decline the breeding offer and/or hosting the next game. If you don't want to host the next game, you can post in the thread letting people know it's up for grabs.


Some Terminology

(If you have more questions, see the Lineage Terminology thread.)


And that's it! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post here or PM the host.


Former Bingo Hosts

1.Walker (Yay, creator of the game!) / 2. Evilbunny405 / 3. Parakeet13 / 4. Angelstarstar / 5. Lilyice / 6. Khallayne / 7. Volcove / 8. DarkLorienne / 9. Scratcher_cat / 10. ScnBrain_2008 / 11. Lagie / 12. Parakeet13  / 13. Walker / 14. Lilyice / 15. XDLugia / 16. Tatrina / 17. Volcove / 18. Lagie / 19. Kanaye / 20. Tatrina / 21. Kanaye / 22. Sarahfish89 / 23. NixAyum / 24. Kanaye / 25. Black_Phantom / 26. RMMC / 27. Volcove / 28. XDLugia / 29. RMMC / 30. Volcove / 31. Lagie / 32. Satyr76 / 33. Sophiera / 34. VampircOmen / 35. Timpieh / 36. Trinity. / 37. Palior / 38. XDLugia / 39. Casprrr / 40. Volcove / 41. XDLugia / 42. Saikachan / 43. Casprrr / 44. Blackdragon71 / 45. Evangeline5432 / 46. Devious_Bookworm / 47. Pteprocks / 48. Raistlin24 / 49. Arula / 50. Jerusha / 51. SockPuppet Strangler / 52. HappyMom / 53. Ice_SW / 54. Rascal1414 / 55. Rainbowsmile / 56. Water_angel / 57. Alabamasax / 58. Water_angel / 59. XDLugia / 60. happyseagull / 61. Thegreenrobby / 62. TLOSpyrogirl / 63. Pteprocks / 64. HappyMom / 65. Michellechan2211 / 66. simkim / 67. Mysfytt / 68. Casprrr / 69. Evangeline5432 / 70. HappyMom / 71. Walker / 72. Classycal / 73. purplehaze / 74. Classycal / 75. HappyMom / 76. Raistlin24 / 77. Angelicdragonpuppy / 78. HeroLink42 / 79. Angelicdragonpuppy / 80. Raistlin24 / 81. Pteprocks / 82. Casprrr / 83. Mysfytt / 84. yuumei / 85. Pteprocks / 86. purplehaze / 87. Pteprocks / 88. Angelicdragonpuppy / 89. Raistlin24 / 90. Isuzu / 91. purplehaze / 92. Lolchen / 93. simkim / 94. purplehaze / 95. XDLugia / 96. ldwoodcock / 97. Pteprocks / 98. simkim / 99. purplehaze / 100. simkim / 101. Pteprocks / 102. Aquenee / 103. purplehaze / 104. Dragongirl02 / 105. SockPuppet Strangler / 106. Aquenee / 107. Lantean_Pegasus / 108. purplehaze / 109. Dimar / 110. Angelicdragonpuppy / 111. Classycal / 112. Dragongirl02 / 113. HawktalonOfRiverClan / 114. GhostMouse / 115. Rarek / 116. purplehaze / 117. HawktalonOfRiverClan / 118. dragongrrrl / 119. Cuteseal2 / 120. MessengerDragon / 121. Tiga / 122. Alectrona / 123. Pteprocks / 124. purplehaze / 125. ForNarniaMC / 126. Naraku / 127. AppleMango / 128. IchibiGaara / 129. Dragongirl02 / 130. Poohbear03 / 131. Naraku / 132. purplehaze / 133. Alectrona / 134. Ylla / 135. Vrack / 136. Naraku / 137. Saikachan / 138. Dusky_Flareon / 139. purplehaze / 140. SockPuppet Strangler / 141. Naraku / 142. Fuzzbucket / 143. Ruby Eyes / 144. irrelevantindigo/ 145. Ruby Eyes / 146. purplehaze/ 147. Dirtytabs/ 148. sh20000sh / 149. Ruby Eyes /  150. Dirtytabs  / 151. Tinibree / 152. sh20000sh / 153. Ruby Eyes / 154. Aie / 155. Dirtytabs / 156. Fuzzbucket / 157. Naraku / 158. sh20000sh

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The players 


No Trophy -- 15 points needed to win


Bronze Trophy -- 25 points needed to win


Silver Trophy -- 35 points needed to win

Rememberdrgns : F1 F2 R1 R2 A1b F9 F12 F15 F17 R6 O1.4 F19 R9 A2b R12 R13 R14 R15 A3a - 23pts


Gold Trophy -- 40 points needed to win



Platinum Trophy -- 42 points needed to win

TheLlama : F2 F4 F6 F7 R1 R2 R3 A1b S22 F8 F9 S23 F10 S25 S24 F11 F12 R4 R5 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18 R6 R8 O1.2 F19 R9 R10 A2b T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3a P1.4 - 44pts

Naraku : S1 F1 F3 F4 S16 F6 S19 S20 F7 R1 R2 A1c F8 S23 F10 H1 F11 S26 F12 R4 R5 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18 R6 R8 O1.3 F19 S31 R9 I1 A2c T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A1b P1.4 - 51pts

Darkstorm34 : F2 S10 F4 F6 S15 S21 R1 R2 R3 A1b R5 - 12pts

ArgentiAertheri : F2 F4 F6 F7 R1 A1c F8 F10 F12 R5 F14 F15 F16 F17 R6 R8 O1.4 F19 R9 R10 A2b T1 I1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3a P1.2 - 38pts

Tiga : F1 R1 R2 A1c- 6pts


Diamond 'Trophy' (2000+) -- 45 points needed to win

purplehaze : F1 F2 F3 F4 F6 F7 R1 R2 R3 A1c F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 R4 R5 F14 F16 F17 F18 R6 R8 O1.1 F19 F19 R9 R10 I1 A2b R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3b P1.4 - 41pts

Dirtytabs : F2 S7 F4 F6 R1 R2 R3 A1b S23 F12 R4 R5 F14 F15 F17 F18 R6 R8 O1.2 F19 R9 R10 I1 A2b T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 - 35pts

dragongirl02 : S3 S2 F3 F4 F6 F7 R1 R2 A1b F8 F11 F12 R4 R5 F14 F15 F16 F18 R6 R7 R8 O1.3 F19 R9 R10 A2c I1 T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3b P1.4 - 41pts

Fuzzbucket : F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 S17 F7 R1 R2 A1c F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 R4 R5 S21 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18 R6 R8 O1.1 F19 F19 R9 R10 I1 A2b T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3c P1.3 - 49pts

GhostMouse : F1 F2 F4 R1 R2 R3 A1c F8 F9 F10 F12 R4 R5 F14 F15 F16 F18 R6 R8 O1.1 F19 F19 R9 R10 I1 A2b T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3a P1.3 - 40pts

Little-Star : F3 F4 F7 R1 R2 A1c F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 R4 R5 F15 F17 R6 R7 R8 O1.3 F19 F19 R9 I1 A2b T1 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3a P1.4 - 37pts

Ruby Eyes : S6 S4 F1 S5 F2 S9 S8 F3 S12 S14 F5 S13 S11 F6 R1 R2 R3 A1c S18 F9 F10 S26 F12 F13 R4 R5 M1.2 F14 H2 S30 R6 R7 R8 O1.2 S29 S28 F19 R9 R10 I1 A2b T1 H4 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 A3b - 58pts

Lagie : F2 F3 F4 F6 R1 R2 A1a F8 F9 F10 F12 R4 M1.1 F14 F16 R6 R8 O1.4 R11 R13 R14 R15 A3b P1.3 - 28pts


Co-op teams



Fuzzbucket : Creation

Ghostmouse : Destruction

purplehaze : Change


Dirtytabs : Creation

Ruby Eyes : Change

TheLlama : Destruction


Little-Star : Change
Naraku : Creation

dragongirl02 : Destruction


Lagie : Creation

ArgentiAertheri : Destruction

Rememberdrgns : Change

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Active Bingos

Final round

Regular Bingos

R11 : Dragon that hatched in December

R12 : Dragon that released in March

R13 : Checker lineage

R14 : Anything gained over 5,000 views

R15 : Any lineage that's over fifth generation

Challenge Bingos

H4 : A dragon that matches all condition of R11-R15 - claimed by Ruby Eyes

Cascade Bingos

A3a : PB lineage that includes all variants of specific breed that has 2-3 variants.

A3b : PB lineage that includes all variants of specific breed that has 4-5 variants.

A3c : PB lineage that includes all variants of specific breed that has 6 variants.

(As Nebula has dimorphism, it counts A3a.)

Ponderous Puzzle Bingos

P1.1 : This breed has six limbs

P1.2 This breed has red color on their body

P1.3 : This breed is one of holiday breed

Round 4

Regular Bingos

R9 : At least three from these breeds (Seragamma, Tri-horn, Olive, Ridgewing, Mint)

R10 : Purebred dark green that has at least one alt in lineage

Challenge Bingos

H3 : Anything that gained 12,345 views.

Tricky Bingos

T1 : In my scroll, you may find 26 creatures that their name aligned by alphabetical order. (A-Z)

  C1 - Find Anagallis from there.

  C2 - Find C1's mother on my scroll.

  C3 - C2's code has some numbers. Add those numbers and count up scroll with counting C2 itself as 0.

  C4 - C3 is 3G lineage. Find black dragon from that lineage.

  C5 - Find C4 in my scroll. C4's code has numbers. Count down scroll with counting C4 itself as 0.

  C6 - PM me a dragon that has same breed as C5's mother

Riddle Bingos

I1 : This breed's morphology can be told as Western and Wingless, but not Wyvern.

Cascade Bingos

A2a : Dragon that from "cave" biome that was grown after 2012.

A2b : ..that was not holiday breed nor April fool's day breed.

A2c : ..that was not summoned.


Expired Bingos

Round 1

Regular Bingos

R1 : Yellow-Crowned

R2 : Gold, Silver and Copper

R3 : Lineage that includes both of Blusang Lindwyrm and Golden Wyvern

Cascade Bingos

A1a : Anything whose code includes three characters from following set.

A1b : Anything whose code includes four characters from following set.

A1c : Anything whose code includes five characters from following set.

{B c E e G i n O R S t 1 5 9 0}


Round 2

Regular Bingos

R4 : Enraged Aegis

R5 : Lineage that includes all Seasonals.

Challenge Bingos

H1 : PB EG lineage (6G or higher) claimed by Naraku

Competitive Bingos

M1 : Post biggest lineage that only you created. (All lineage members have to belong to your scroll.) You have competition with amount of member in that lineage. For example, this lineage has 30 members as Glineor appears twice. First place get 2 points and second place get 1 point.


Round 3

Regular Bingos

R6 : Dragon that can be found from all habitats

R7 : Adult or frozen hatchling that came from market

R8 : All breed that their breed names includes "stone"

Challenge Bingos

H2 : 2G lineage, that all of three member's code ends with same character. (case senstive) - claimed by Ruby Eyes

Co-op Bingos

O1 : 2-3 people makes team. Each member can choose dragon that has single elemental affinity that can be grouped with Creation, Change, Destruction. (except neutral). All member of same team should choose one from different group. (e.g. A : Life(creation), B : Fire(destruction), C : Air(change) - these three can make single team). Using already used breed by other team is not recommended.

Flash Bingos

F1 : Sunsong Amphiptere

F2 : Evengen Noctrune

F3 : Caveborn Ochredrake

F4 : Royal Crimson

F5 : Evengen Yulebuck

F6 : Third-gen Prize

F7 : Honey Drake

F8 : Nebula dragon

F9 : Lunar Herald

F10 : Terrae Dragon

F11 : Stairstep Lineage

F12 : Celestial Dragon

F13 : Halloween breed whose code starts with number

F14 : Inbred lineage

F15 : Anything that was released at one of DC Birthday

F16 : Dorsal dragon

F17 : Eastern dragon


Secret Bingos

S1(C) : Ember - claimed by Naraku

S2(B) : Pyralspite - claimed by dragongirl02

S3(A) : Silver - claimed by dragongirl02

S4(C) : Aeon - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S5(C) : Imperial Fleshcrowne - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S6(B) : Hellfire - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S7(B) : Red-finned Tidal - claimed by Dirtytabs

S8(B) : Two-finned Bluna - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S9(A) : Balloon - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S10(C) : Tri-horn Wyvern - claimed by Darkstorm34

S11(A) : Ice - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S12(B) : Canopy - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S13(A) : Aria - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S14(C) : Seragamma - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S15(C) : Mint - claimed by Darkstorm34

S16(C) : Daydream - claimed by Naraku

S17(A) : Royal Blue - claimed by Fuzzbucket

S18(B) : Bolt - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S19(C) : Greater Spotted Drake - claimed by Naraku

S20(B) : Stone - claimed by Naraku

S21(C) : Carina - claimed by Darkstorm34

S22(B) : Anagallis - claimed by TheLlama

S23(C) : Red - claimed by Naraku, Dirtytabs, TheLlama (team effort XD

S24(B) : Black - claimed by TheLlama

S25(B) : White - claimed by TheLlama

S26(C) : Celestial - claimed by Naraku, Ruby Eyes

S27(B) : Spotted Greenwing - claimed by Fuzzbucket

S28(C) : Night Glory Drake - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S29(C) : Paper - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S30(B) : Zyumorph - claimed by Ruby Eyes

S31(B) : Storm - claimed by Naraku

(Some of them might be unlisted.)

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Congrats on getting to host! :D 

I'm in again with diamond and looking forward to the new game!

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Can I sign up while signups are closed? Diamond

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Sh - it would be lovely if you put how the secrets were hidden in your post, so we know...

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I'm planning to explain in single post when all of this group of secrets are found. Some of those might would be too long to write in that post :) 

Edited by sh20000sh

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S1(C) : You can find hidden link in title. You have 90% chance to get 404 and 10% chance to get text "secret ember bingo"

S2(B) : Image name of my avatar

S3(A) : White text in players post.


I might have to bring some more but later...

Edited by sh20000sh

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2 minutes ago, sh20000sh said:

S1(C) : You can find hidden link in title. You have 90% chance to get 404 and 10% chance to get text "secret ember bingo"

I was wondering about that...

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I knew I was in trouble here.... I did study the title - and I still ... never managed to get anything but a 404.


Oh well. I didn't manage sh's secrets last time either :lol:

Edited by Fuzzbucket

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9 minutes ago, sh20000sh said:

S1(C) : You can find hidden link in title. You have 90% chance to get 404 and 10% chance to get text "secret ember bingo"

Oh, clever. I thought it was a regular error page and tried again later :P 

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Sign me up for Platinum! I'm hoping to actually be able to keep up with bingo this time. :P

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In with Diamand (Thursday... ok I should be fine if round one is up until at least saturday, I'm in the USA from wednesday to friday and wont be able to use my phone other than on wifi until I'm back in Canada)

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Could you sign me up for gold, please? I might not keep up, but I can try.

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