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BUG: Issue with mobile forum

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I have noticed an on-going issue with the mobile version of the site (when I log into the site from my phone). If I am trying to type a reply, i.e. to a private message, it randomly takes me out of typing mode, as I am typing, causing me to accidently click on the advertisement below the message. This is very annoying and very frustrating (and unavoidable. It's not caused by me even touching the screen or anything. I tested this), and frankly imo makes using the forums through mobile devices impossible. I have to constantly click on the back button, close randomly opened add sites, etc. 


Please get this fixed ASAP.



I am using a samsung galaxy android device

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Are you only having this problem with DC? If you're part of any other forums with similar software, it might be worthwhile spending some time on them on the mobile site to see if the problem repeats itself. I haven't experienced this problem personally when using the mobile site (I use an iPhone with Safari). 


I did a quick search online to see if any other Android users have had problems with keyboards disappearing while typing. Some advice was to go to Application Manager in Settings, find the keyboard you're using and clear the data. Alternatively, you can reset the settings by going to  Settings>My Device>Language and input>Samsung keyboard, clicking on the settings icon and "Reset Settings". Could you try this and see if it has any impact? 

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