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ANSWERED:Autoabandoned Egg for no reason

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So I have the scroll stats shown in image below.. One of those 7 is a vampire fail dead egg...
Why would this egg be sent to the AP? Clearly not at either limit... https://dragcave.net/view/5pJze 

Please note, since this egg was Abandoned... I have bred 1 egg that stayed on scroll.

why you abandon.jpg

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I count 7 live eggs on your scroll and 1 dead one, which equals 8. Killed eggs count towards the limit for 24 hours.

edit: Is it possible you are missing counting the fogged egg? I don't know why your scroll stats say 7, though.

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I bred an extra egg right after that egg was abandoned...so there's the extra that's missing. Adding that to my original post..

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