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Alexiel Dragoness

Sorting Problem

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I'm having a problem sorting my dragons.

I have a huge scroll (15 pages), and I had my dragons sorted by date (older ones in the first page and so on),

with some special dragons on the top of the first page.


Then, for no reason, the dragons that grow up are placed in the middle of my scroll or in random places.

At this moment I have no idea what dragons do I have and where they are. 😔


My question is how do I fix it?

I want to have them sorted by date with the few special ones in the top of the first page,

and I want those that grow up to be automatically placed in the last page of the scroll.

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If you want them sorted by age - that's an option that's offered on the sort page (by date) - and then the latest ones to grow up WILL go to the end. Though anything frozen will rise to the top. I would say - sort them by date and save. Then go for grid sort and move the ones you want at the top to the top.


But - big but - if you want those special ones to stay at the top, that means when things grow up you will have to move them to the bottom yourself, because as soon as you want something particular at the top, you can't automatically sort any which way at all. To have something stay at the top, you are looking at a custom sort - no two ways about it..


If you want to know what you have, you can always try one of the temporary sorts from the drop down on your scroll page.

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Thank you, I will try that. It would be nice if we could both sort by date and custom sort some dragons in the top of the scroll, with every new grown dragon being automatically moved to the last page. 😔

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