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ANSWERED:Glitch between notifications and trading.

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I'm not sure where I should post this, and I'm not sure - is it help; should it be under trade, etc...


Well ANYWAY. If I go to my read notifications I will see several "x person offered on your trade" (these are completed trades, BTW) and there is a live link allegedly to that trade. Except what I then get to is this:




And below it all my growing things. But there is nothing to offer ON.... So out of curiosity, I tried doing the thing, and get this:




I'm sure that's  not how it ought to be....


It gets worse. I sent the teleport link to a friend to see what THEY would see, and THEY get this:  nothing to offer ON, just like my first page.




Fascinated, I got him to make an offer. He did. I went back to MY teleport page and got:





But the original egg that I tested with DOES belong to me...




And later on, I was checking again, and:  it got worse when I saw I had notifications: the latest came up with:




I made an offer on my own trade .....


This all cannot be right...

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I was just checking on two of my trade offers and saw they were no longer active.  I checked my scroll and see that one trade offer was accepted and one wasn't.  Which meshes with what I see in my trade history.  The funny part is when I check the trader's links on the forum (was gender swaps),  they both show as active links but the offered hatchling doesn't show.  I know for a fact one of those links has been completed as the hatchling I offered on is now on my scroll and the egg I offered for it is gone.

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The part of the page that shows the "this trade is done" message was broken, so it was trying to instead treat an accepted/canceled trade as if it was still active. Things, predictably, behaved in an undefined manner as a result.


This should now be fixed.

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Wow thanks - that was quick and it's fine now. (y)

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