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Hello, I'm sorta new here

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While I am not new to the game itself, I haven't been on the forums.
So I'm on Dragon Cave by the name of Wolphie but that is my old artist name now I am called Im Monster Goo, hence my character being this dragon looking thing that you'll love.
But yea, I draw a lot, I like dragons, dinos, canines, all kinds of aliens and stuff and I love to draw gore usually just candy/fruit gore or guro. hard gore I don't draw all that often but mainly on one occasion when I want to draw my character death, and if I didn't draw him gory he wouldn't really be himself. But enough of that, I also LOVE W H A L E S. They're adorable big sea boys that sing pretty songs and can't whisper. I love them.

But ye I think that's enough, Just call me Goo~

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Hello and welcome! Whales are wonderful, my favorites are probably orcas. They're such ruthless efficient predators that can kill sharks, and that takes some doing. It doesn't help that they're super-intelligent and hunt in pods. I really wish we'd stop putting them in theme parks for our amusement, they're too good for that. I don't think we ever figured out why their fins droop in captivity, either. 

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