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Hello guys, I wish to make a single thread for Encyclopedia NEW pages that you would like to suggest. We'll discuss keeping in mind the 2 faces of the current Encyclopedia: Lore and Breeds.


Lore right now counts on 3 different links: World - Magic - Elements

Breeds it's a list of all Dragon Breeds, Alphabetical order, with a description that you can unlock if you raise or observe dragons.

I think we should just avoid specific details of how we want Valkemare's world and focus instead of WHAT of it we want to know. Make a list of questions you would like to be answered about Dragon's Cave World Lore, each one must have the right specific color: RED for lore section, BLUE for Breed Section. First post will be updated with your questions/ observations.


I would personally  like to add one specific Link to the Lore Section:




  1. There are only Humans or other breeds like Elves, Dwarfs, Ogre, Trolls, Centaurs, Mermaids and so on?
  2. How are their cities? Small villages or Gondor like of cities?
  3. Where do they live primarly?
  4. Why trading dragon eggs is so important to them/ which are their relations with smart dragons?
  5. How old are these civilizations ?


I would personally  like to add one specific Link to the Breed Section:




  1. Western Dragon *
  2. Eastern Dragons *
  3. Wyvern
  4. Amphitere
  5. Lindwurm
  6. Wyrm
  7. Sea Serpent
  8. Traditional Drakes
  9. Pigmies
  10. Two Heads
  11. Drakes


Each point shall have a brief description of the breed, an example image, a list of all current in-cave dragons of that sub-specie.


* (It shall assume a fantasy name since there is no concept of West and East of real world)









I've searched though all the Suggestion Section for "Encyclopedia" and here is what I found (I would like to ask moderators to close duplicates and delete old topics since many are already dead/Closed):


Suggestion for the Lore


Give More infos about what is mana

Add BSA Section


Suggestion for the Breeds


Add Alternate Form of Solstice

Sort Option

Add Eggs Description + Add Egg description in the Encyclopedia. Page + Add Descriptions of Dragons + Add egg description and Dragon Description

Add Holiday Dragon Names + Give Specific Holiday Names + Give their name and sort closer Holiday Dragons

Show infos to unlock hidden dragons

Better indicator if you have unlocked all infos about a certain breed

Show the gender (M/F) of each sprite

Have a link to your own dragons and show STATS of how many do you have of that breed + Encyclopedia tells you how many of that dragon breed you collected. + Unlock the entry that says how many dragon you own

Show better name Pronounciation

Sort option in Encyclopedia to show only breeds with certain traits (Ex: BSA, ALTs...)

Show Official Dragon Rarity

More infos about dragons whose Sprite changes depending on Day time or action

Combine Seasonal in one page

Option to turn Off Observed Dragons



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