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ANSWERED:Market Question: Varieties of Floret Wyvern

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I am looking to buy a golden Floret wyvern from the market, but am only able to buy purple ones at the moment. Since the colour of this breed only varies by biome, as opposed to time of day/month, I am not sure how to go about switching the variety on offer for sale.


I have tried refreshing the Alpine biome. The last Floret I caught was purple, so maybe this influenced things. Is there a mechanism I am missing somewhere?

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Not sure if this is the right place for this question, feel free to delete/move it.

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At the moment, you can't buy a golden Floret from the market. From this thread: 



Breeds with location-specific alts are not currently available in the market.


That means that you currently can't get things like Xenowyrms and Zyumorphs in the market. It's unclear why purple Florets are available at the moment when others aren't, but this appears to be why you are unable to currently buy a golden Floret in the market. Sorry! 

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