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Issue viewing trade offerings on mobile

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When the Trade Hub was first released it was wonderful. The most recent 20 or so (we definitely need pages xD) trades were in a list format one above the other. I could view all pertinent information (trade start date, trader's wants, trader's username, and most importantly I could see the sprite images of what was being offered). As a huge plus for me it was viewable in portrait mode.


However yesterday (May 22nd EST) morning I woke up to that whole lovely, easy to use system being gone. Instead this is the monstrosity I now have to deal with:




As you can see the trade hub has been restructured to a side by side double column "Tile" format. On my Samsung Galaxy Express 3's somewhat small screen that means that the all important sprite images are chopped off in portrait mode. If I tilt to view in landscape or click to view desktop it resizes the boxes big enough that I can view the sprites.


So yeah can we go back to the list format from day 1? :(



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Thank you for such a quick reply and some reassurance! ❤️

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