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DUPLICATE:What's your most recent Shiny Pokemon?

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Post what shiny you most recently got, its nickname, number of attempts(or accidentally)  and what game you got it in below. Pictures not necessary.

I'll start. Cobalion(Cobalt175) in Black 2. 175 Soft Resets.

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Since there are already a large volume of Pokemon-related threads, we ask that you consult the Pokemon Threads pinned topic before posting a new one. Discussion about shinies can be taken to the Favorite Pokemon/Type/Shiny thread, or you can post in whichever specific game thread you've caught your shiny in. There is also the Pokemon General Discussion topic if you would like a wider range of discussion.

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  • Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered.

If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.

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