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Hi all

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I just started playing and am already obsessed.


A bit about me... I'm a graphic designer for a small family owned print shop, I'm the owner of 2 small businesses (I breed bearded dragons and I am an Independent Consultant for Scentsy :) ). I'm the human slave to 20 bearded dragons, 1 rankins dragon, 3 crested geckos, 5 leopard geckos, 2 dart frogs, 5 cats, a dog and a bird (well the frogs, 2 cresties, 1 leopard, dog, and bird are my moms, but I take care of them lol). I turned 40 (omg) last November. I'm a gamer girl, been playing video games since Pong. I collect My Little Ponies from the 80's and 90's (not so much on the new lines). I love to do all sorts of crafts (knitting, cross stitching, jewelry making)


Can't wait to meet everyone and hopefully be active on the forums :)



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Hello and welcome! I see you love reptiles. I'll have to Google crested geckos, I'd never heard of them. What kind of bird do you have?


I loved the 80s My Little Ponies! I still have so many. I even have some of the G2s floating around too, but my 80s ponies are special. I collected quite a few of the G3s, too, before the show took off. Ironically, I don't really collect them now because I don't like the way the new toys look (except for the All About series from the movie and the Guardians of Harmony). I also have a cross-stitch in a third-finished state I should complete.

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Hello and welcome to the forums and Dragon Cave!

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Thanks for the welcome :) 


purpledragonclaw we have a parakeet his name is Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck (most of our babies are named after movie characters, started with Harry Potter and morphed from there lol). I'm attaching a photo of a crested gecko (not one of mine, they are all camera shy lol). They are also called eyelash geckos. They are awesome little animals. They don't have eyelids, so they lick their eyes to keep them clean. They have "sticky" feet, so they can climb walls and they love to jump. 


I'm with you on the look of the newer ponies. Give me my chubby G1's any day. I've got so many projects in progress it's sad. Most of my cross stitch patterns are large and I get to a point where I take a break and instead of going back I just start a new design (I have ADHD, so my attention span is really short lol).


Well back to work lol

crested gecko.jpg

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