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Jurassic World Evolution

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I saw a topic for Jurassic World Alive, but not the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution. I'm pumped about it! We've been waiting for an official successor to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for as long as I can remember, and I love blabbering on and on about how cool and pretty Evolution looks. So I'mma do it some more. :D


I'm sure most of us probably grew up with Jurassic Park in one way or another, whether you're obsessed with it (like I am), or you're generally aware of it and the influence it has had on how dinosaurs are portrayed in the media. For those who didn't get the opportunity to play it (and I would not recommend looking up how much a used copy costs, because your wallet will cry), Operation Genesis was probably the biggest thing to come out of the series. Even though it was released technically unfinished and it came out following the worst-received film in the franchise, it was the single most beloved Jurassic Park game to ever be released. It filled a void we didn't know needed filling. After all, who doesn't secretly want to be a multi-billionaire with the ability to bring extinct animals back to life and entertain the world? (Or input the cheat that made all the carnivores rampage and release said animals on your guests, if that's your thing.) There was so much freedom to customize everything. The modding community is still active to this day, producing gorgeous skins, new models, and custom sound effects, among other things.


In short, what we had was great. But as the years passed and games got prettier and more involved, and we expected Universal to capitalize on how loved JPOG was...we were kind of left hanging. Fans tried multiple times to make their own sequels, only to be slapped with cease and desist orders by Universal. (This, incidentally, is what directly led to the also upcoming and very pretty Prehistoric Kingdom.) It's now just over fifteen years since JPOG was released, and we've been begging Universal for a sequel for most of that.


And finally - finally - it paid off. I love what I've seen of JWE so far. The dinosaur models are stunning, the animations look great (for the most part), I am in love with the Ceratosaurus and everything about her. Really, I've been geeking out nonstop since it was announced. I'm so excited! Dreams do come true!


So, have you guys been following the news? Is this the first you've heard of it? What do you think about it either way? I'd love to know. :D

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I'm excited for JW:E, it reminds me of a Jurassic park game that is similar but is on the ps2.

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