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Hi there :)

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Hello lovely dragon mums and dads, or whatever you'd like to call yourself, to be honest :D

I'm Amu and I've been collecting dragons for a while now, but haven't been on the forums yet. It's a whole new world out here :)


First off, I really hope I did it right, coz it made me sign up again instead of using my username on the main website. So I apologise in advance if I messed up, please don't ban me? ^^' 


And second, I got on the forums for a trade, but it tells me I'm not allowed on that part of the forums(yet?) 


So yeah, my activity is sporadic, so I'm not sure how fast I'll be to reply :)

But I'm happy to be here!

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Hello and welcome! Yes, the game and forum are separate, so making an account on one does not automatically make an account on both. You didn't mess up, your intro was fine. :) 


You couldn't view that part of the forum because your account hadn't been approved, but you should have full access now. Enjoy trading!

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

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Not to worry, you have to sign up for them both (I was confused at first as well).

Have fun, and happy trading!

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