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ANSWERED:Error in the API.

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So, I'm staff/reluctantly oncall dev at one of the hatchery sites (DBC, for the curious, even though I haven't been active on dc or dbc in like 3-4 years) and we ran into an issue with our lineage builder. It seems like it uses the female's code for both the parent_f and parent_m in the json/serialize response. I couldn't get xml to work at all in the api, and figured it was no longer supported.


 I included some examples from a 2nd gen egg I just bred for this purpose. The first is a serialize/user_young/pink api call, and the second is a json/view/egg_code call. 


I know this is probably not a problem anyone except TJ can fix/answer, but if anyone else has a workaround for this issue, I would appreciate that as well. I wasn't sure where else to put this, as I couldn't find a bug report tool. 


Thanks ya'll.



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Wonder if this is the same error that's making inbred-checkers show false-positives... The inbred checker on Allure is showing a lot of random dragons as repeating in a lineage when they don't (I've seen someone mention it said a 2nd-gen was inbred!). What a frustrating error! @purpledragonclaw, @LadyLyzar do you know if TJ knows about this?

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Thanks for the quick response. I'll let the dbc owner know. :)

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