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What am I doing:)

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So I’ve been doing Dragon Cave for a while, maybe a little less then a year, and I just now joined the forums. So for some reason I can’t do anything. Some topics I can’t look at, I can’t message or post on any topics, and I can’t do anything to my profile. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi there!  That's because your first post hadn't been approved by a moderator yet.  We require all new forum users to have their first post approved.  It helps weed out spammers and the like, and we can also help you get accustomed to the forums before you jump right in!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game.  The forums provide a great way to meet/greet other players, participate in trading, lineage breeding, and so much more.


The Help Section is a great place to stop by if you have questions about the game.  Since you've been playing awhile, you may not need a mentor but it doesn't hurt to check out that topic.


Of course, you're more than welcome to message any moderator if you need help with anything, including myself.


Again, welcome and enjoy!

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