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saw dragon


takes me to sketchy looking site

turns out not sketchy


understand premise

like dragons and website

make account

obtain egg

need hatch

make forum account

try to customize sig

cant/cant figure it out


introduce self

HI, im mizmoo, nice to meet you! im 20yrs from California valley. i like dragons.

i just want to hatch dragons, thank you.

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I'll admit, this post gave me a giggle.  That's pretty much how I discovered Dragon Cave too.


The reason you couldn't mess with your profile is that your first post hadn't been proved by a moderator yet.  We require post approval for new members because it helps weed out spammers, etc.  Nobody likes those.


Also, asking for views/clicks isn't allowed on the forums (because we all know you need them) but a link to your scroll in your signature is just fine.  As such I removed that part of your post.


Since you're new to the game, I highly recommend checking out The Mentoring Project.  These folks will pair you with an experienced player who can really show you the ropes.  Also, if you have other questions, the Help section is a great place to start.  The Site Discussion section has all things game related, including a list of fan sites to help hatch your eggs.


As always, if you have questions, you are more than welcome to message any moderator, including myself.



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Hello and welcome to Dragon Cave and its forums!

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Hey and welcome to the site ! I’d love to breed a couple of dragons for you, free of charge (~ ; just hmu in a PM

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Welcome to Dragon Cave Forum! Hope you enjoy playing in the game. If you need any help there are a lot of friendly people on here to help you out. Hope to see you around.

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