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Hi there

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Hello, I'm Iza! I've been collecting dragons for a while now (2014 lol), but I realized I hadn't made an account here yet (my username is "izaries" btw, I wish I could change my username there...)


I'm a fan of rhythm games, I'm an active LLSIF player and I like anime and drawing. Oh, and I can speak english and spanish.


Nice to meet you guys :)/

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Hello and welcome! We have a thread here where members have requested being able to change their scrollnames. Please post there with your support, it's helpful!


Which anime do you like?

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Thank you guys for the welcome! :) 


@purpledragonclaw, thanks for the link!


I have a MAL with my favorite shows, I don't really pay much attention to categories, so... basically Higurashi/Umineko, Code Geass, DRRR, Clannad, Yuri on Ice, Jojo, Houseki no Kuni and the idolm@ster series. Plus movies like Akira, Perfect Blue, Summer Wars, Wolf Children and games like Touhou Project.

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