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I am a new user of the site.
In "Dragon Cave" play almost a year. I know how to grow eggs, how to breediing. Have a silver trophy (200+ dragons). And I recently wanted to register on the forum.


Registered and immediately i were lost. :unsure: So much of everything written, all sorts of recommendations. I do not know anything at all. How to write messages? I realized that I must first introduce myself. Well.


My name is Lisa and I'm 18 years old. I'm from Russia, I do not know English well, so I may have problems with it. (Please forgive!) :blush: But I will try very hard to make my English understandable to you! (Google translator to help!)


A little bit about yourself:

* I like listening to rock music. From foreign groups like 30 Seconds To Mars, Flyleaf, The Offspring, The Misfits, Immortal, Nirvana and many others.

* Favorite dragons in game - Howler Drake and Black Marrow (They're amazing!), Silver Dragon, Falconiform Wyvern, Winter Magi (Because it is very similar to Toothless from the cartoon "How to Train your Dragon") and Sinii Krai Dragon (Wow! In Russian it's "Blue Edge". Dragon with a Russian name, it's so cute!^_^).

* I am very sociable person.


I hope we can make friends.:)

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Hello and welcome! You can send messages now that your account is approved. 


My favorite dragons are Guardians, Red Finned Tidals, Almeralds, and Glaucus Drakes. My favorite bands are Coldplay, Linkin Park, and I'm sure I'll think of others once I post this. :P 

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Welcome to the forums! And no worries, your English was fine.


For me, my favorite dragons are Fire Gems, Omen Wyrms, amongst some others.

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