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Seriva Senkalora

ANSWERED:Dark Lumina males being silly? :)

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They show normal for me, that's really odd.

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Probably rubbish in your browser cache. If you clear that, it'll most likely be gone.

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They're back to normal now. :)


Don't know what happened but it was a nice little bug which made me smile.


This can be closed I think.


Thank you.

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7 hours ago, Draconiusultamius said:

has this sprite showed before to anybody else?  I've never seen, nor heard of it.

Usually this is some goofiness in the browser cache.  DC's dragon images rotate randomly generated codes, which can also cause adblocker programs to hide them if they generate "ad" in the code.  At least it was an innocent little rainbow chicken that was adorable.


Closing since this has been resolved.

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