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Long time listener, first time caller

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Oh my god, y'all.

I made my Dragon Cave account back in 2010 and I just remembered that I had one when I started on Dappervolk. I'm amazed I remembered my password. I'm a little bummed that I lost the names of my dragons but oh well!

I'm surprised at how many dragons I have; I don't remember collecting 140 dragons, and working to collect both sexes and different designs of the same dragons? Fifteen year old me was determined I guess. Proud of her.

Anyway, hello! I'm Karismah! Anyone have a Dappervolk? Maybe wanna be mutuals on tumblr? Maybe wanna breed some dragons?

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Hello and welcome, I love your username! Have fun on the forums! Oh my gosh, how did I miss Dappervolk when it was on Kickstarter??? I would have backed it! It looks like so much fun! How do you like it?

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Welcome to the forums and welcome back to Dragon Cave!

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