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Hey guys! Newbie on forums

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Hope everyone's doing well. I know this is random but..

do you experience that moment when you see a special egg and right as you click it in a millisecond someone grabs it before you :'D

where are my speedy fingers when you need em!? i've been failing for days!! haha


Also which dragons are your favorites (whether you have them or not?)


Mine are:

Aeon Wyvern (own)

Baikala (own)

Zyumorph (don't own coast-pink yet)

Pyro Xenowyrm (don't own yet)

Avatar of Change (own)

Tinsel (own)

UNDEAD (a girl can dream LOl)

Desipis/Witchlight (own 1 of each)


what are yours?




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Hello and welcome! We have a What is your current bad luck thread where we discuss our bad luck on Dragon Cave, I think you might enjoy it. I know I've been there, my most recent special egg miss was a Xeno in the Volcano. We also have a Complete Your Scroll Wish List thread where users post their scroll goals; you might be able to get the dragons you're looking for if you post your wishlist there. Many kind members gift eggs to others. :wub: 


My favorite dragons are Guardians, Red Finned Tidals, Glaucus Drakes, and Almeralds. 

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Welcome to the forums! 


It may be evident from my signature but I love Fire Gems. I also love Omen Wyrms a lot too, just not as much as Fire Gems.

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