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30 Day Pixel Art Challenge! (Among other things)

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Hey there, everyone! I joined this site about four years ago, and it's one of my favorite sites/communities to date. My favorite thing about it is the art. Seeing all of the beautiful sprites made by the talented artists here has inspired me to pursue my own pixel art! :D  I wasn't quite sure where to begin, though, until I heard about the "Limit Yourself" challenge. Here's how it works: 

- Every sprite I make has to be 32x32 dimensions in pixels.

- For every sprite, I can only use black, white and two shades of gray (of my choice).

- I must make at least one every day.


For this challenge, I've decided that my goal would be one month of spriting, minimum of one sprite per day. I'm both making this thread to hold myself accountable (my work ethic is in desperate need of that) and to hopefully receive a bit of critique-- and maybe even suggestions-- on the way! Thanks for dropping by, even just to peek! ^^

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Day 1: Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project)


Day 2: Snail with a top hat (Unfortunately, some parts of him are hard to see on a white background ^^;; )


Day 3: Three things! (Raccoon, open book and hedgehog)
 tumblr_inline_p6mgwbTkcp1uc3r3h_540.png  tumblr_inline_p6mgwpYnAN1uc3r3h_540.png tumblr_inline_p6mgvhQPeb1uc3r3h_540.png 


Day 4: Gible (Pokemon)



Day 5: Animal head and Seedot (Pokemon)

tumblr_inline_p6pj12WvRF1uc3r3h_540.png  tumblr_inline_p6pj1g65f81uc3r3h_540.png

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:


Day 11:


Day 12:


Other Things:

Egg coloring practice: 

pdJamaD.png tumblr_inline_p6mgvyNSVM1uc3r3h_540.png

Regular sprites:

tumblr_inline_p763u9LDhc1uc3r3h_75sq.png   tumblr_inline_p763uaM3Od1uc3r3h_250.png


Animated things for fun:
tumblr_p6kzoqmJJt1xog0sao1_75sq.gif tumblr_inline_p6or40JMvx1uc3r3h_540.gif tumblr_inline_p6pj7dW8lb1uc3r3h_540.gif   tumblr_inline_p763xkOwEr1uc3r3h_75sq.gif

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Random post to start things off: I made a Bendy who bops to the beat.~ tumblr_p6kzoqmJJt1xog0sao1_75sq.gif



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Hi Per!!! Good work so far! I'll be here to keep you accountable! ^^

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Well, I made a few too many things for today's challenge, but that's okay! I'll post them anyway.







(I'm particularly proud of the raccoon ^^)

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For Day 4 of the challenge, I just made a Gible. He's a derpy little guy- kind of reminds me of the old RBY games.~ tumblr_inline_p6orocl0Pb1uc3r3h_540.png


The reason today's was relatively small, though, is because I spent all day yesterday making my first properly animated piece of art! It took me hours: I'm very proud of it!


He's earned a place in my signature. :3

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What program do you use to make the animations?  I can't find a free, easy program to animate sprites myself, but it's probably because I stick with paint.NET for all my spriting needs.  Including making parts of an animated sprite I'm attempting right now.  :3

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Oh, I use Asesprite! It's a program that is SPECIFICALLY for spriting, and it has a ton of useful tools for doing so. I just started on Easter, and I've already learned so much from it (there's a lot of handy Asesprite-specific tutorials out there)! 


I highly recommend it for this mystery animation... I'm kinda curious! XD 

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Well, I couldn't sleep tonight, so I spent a lot of time fiddling with sprites. I've got two new sprites for Day 5- and a bonus cat!

Challenge stuff: tumblr_inline_p6pj12WvRF1uc3r3h_540.png tumblr_inline_p6pj1g65f81uc3r3h_540.png


Cat! Another animation- played with the jumble tool to make the fire fizz. This is one I might go back to once I have more experience- still happy with how she turned out, though!


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Seems to me you've fallen behind. :P


Super nice work, though! I love that little animated cat! 


/I'm totally not a stalker

/and my avatar lends no credence to that statement

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Oh, she's been working on it! Peri just hasn't had the time to post everything she's been working on- I believe she'll update soon! :D

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AAAA thank you for reminding me- I HAVE been working on stuff I just forget to post here! I'm so forgetful you wouldn't believe it XD Introducingggg the Masterpost Of What I've Done So Far!

also stalk all you'd like, hehe :P

Challenge stuff: 
tumblr_inline_p775xvM33Q1uc3r3h_75sq.png   tumblr_inline_p775y8XAO61uc3r3h_75sq.png  tumblr_inline_p775yirzj61uc3r3h_75sq.png  
image tumblr_inline_p775zqJgh11uc3r3h_75sq.png  tumblr_inline_p77606ShEM1uc3r3h_75sq.png  tumblr_inline_p7760lKJFZ1uc3r3h_75sq.png  tumblr_inline_p7761mcQi11uc3r3h_75sq.png

I've most likely fallen behind, but these are all of the mini grayscales I've done! I'm a bit partial to the squid, myself. Such a handsome fellow.

Fun stuff:
tumblr_inline_p763u9LDhc1uc3r3h_75sq.png    tumblr_inline_p763uaM3Od1uc3r3h_250.png

I made a couple sprites for my favorite Kirby boss, Marx, since he's playable in the new game! He's a nice guy... if you keep him well-fed.

Animated stuff:

Lastly, I made a dumb bird for @Darkstorm34, playing with animation! The result is a bird that bops around and caws at you. 

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