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Daiya's Derp World

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Welcome to Daiya's derp world~

I will post here my derp dragon drawings. 

I am not taking drawing requests right now, as I already have a few drawings planned. 

Please enjoy the visit? :P




Look at them.

Look right into their eyes.

Can you feel it, this superior level of intelligence ?

Yes, these dergs are exceptionnal. The smartest ones. 

No doubt here.






The first derp derg, the Bronze Tinsel.

The banner of the derp world. He is part of the Bronze Support Union.

His biggest dream is to become a bee. Infiltrating a hive and eating all the honey would indeed be easier.






The Radiant Angel.

Likes to pull prank on people, but it always backfires.

Tends to stuck his tail in branches and call for help for hours.





The Khusa.

Is he brave or reckless, not sure.

Always acting like a roughneck, but secretly wanting to be a ballerina.






The Water.

Believes his own tail is a fish with its own mind.

Says he's the best fisher in all the world.





The Blacktip - requested by Lulu_witch.

Always carrying a salt jar in bridal style. Noy sure if she already proposed to it.

Her love for salt is limitless.





The Pillow - requested by Bella.

"Me not dragon. Me dog.

Me good girl. Me loyal, Me -... IS THAT A BALL ?"

Edited by Daiyachiri

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Yay I can't wait to see more of your drawings and thanks again for the cutest Pillow ever ❤❤

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Thanks <3 And a new one :D 




The Frill - requested by SnowBear.

Thinks she is a fabulous Diva.

Allergic to Mint dergs.






The Witchlight - requested by Dalek.

She only speaks with rimes.

Likes to play with mud.






The Mint and the Upside-Down Mint - requested by RWyvern.

He wants to go around the world with his balloon.

She thinks he's a talking kite and follow him everywhere.

Edited by Daiyachiri

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.So cute!! I love these so much haha- your art style is really fun for viewing!

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Thank you ! <3

And a small one here :




The Desipis - requested by Bella.

Says he can scare everyone.

Is afraid of his reflection.

Edited by Daiyachiri

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During this time...


Apache Derpocoptere.


And a Nebula. But it's not a derp :)


Edited by Daiyachiri

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Excuse you @Daiyachiri but this derpy sweetling is missing the so-very-necessary brief description below 😧


(love it, btw XD)

Edited by MaeTM

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@MaeTM Each night, he paints himself in black with a skull mark on its lower back, because he's secretly an emo. 👌😎

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